Leche Flan Chilled (1Pkt x 180-200Gm)


Leche Flan Chilled (1Pkt x 180-200Gm)

In Filipino dining tradition, no dessert is complete without the Leche Flan. Smooth, rich-tasting and creamy, this Filipino take on the custard cake, is a real crowd-pleaser. Good thing, our Chef El also knows how to make a delicious Leche Flan and he even made sure it makes its way to your house just in time for your dessert.

AED 15

1 Pc Per Pack (Approx. 180g)

This sweet recipe is made up of eggs and milk topped with a layer of soft caramel. It bears a resemblance to creme caramel and caramel custard and is a highly regarded dessert across the globe. Many restaurants include the Leche flan on their menu because of its sweet flavor, ease of preparation, and extended shelf life. The Leche Flan can also be used to make other great desserts.

Ready to Eat

Packing:      1 Pcs Per Pack

Storage:      Chilled

Shelf Life:   12 Months

Brand:         YumFest


Egg, Milk, Sugar



Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts and other allergens.

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