Yummy Frozen Dumplings You Must Try In Dubai

Published on: Nov 10, 2020

Yummy Frozen Dumplings You Must Try In Dubai 

Dumplings are a super yummy treat for all the food lovers all over the world, and probably nobody will refuse to have dumplings when they are at a Chinese restaurant. This delicious Chinese cuisine has won the hearts of foodies and become a must-have in the menu chart for most of the restaurants. Not only in the eateries but also the supermarkets offer a wide variety of Chinese ready to cook food in Dubai

The lip-smacking dim sum is available as frozen dumplings, ready to cook within a few minutes to eat up with the greatest joy. Waiting in the nearby Chinese restaurant for your order to be delivered is quite boring, thus choosing the frozen version is an alternative choice for having delicious dumplings at your home. Here are some of the yummy frozen dumplings online you must try in Dubai. 

Cha Siu Bao or Pork-Filled Bun 

You might be missing the Cha Siu Bao sold at the city’s many Chinese bakeries, pork-filled buns. The tasty frozen dumplings are good home alternatives for your craving. The bun is filled with barbeque-flavored pork and served as a dim sum with sauce. When steamed this dumpling bun releases a relishing aroma that drives you for a bite. The flavor of this yummy dumpling is of sugar and pork with white wrapping which is best for your breakfast. 

Spicy Octopus Dumplings 

These Korean dumplings, which were a Korean royal dish, are spicy. This can be steamed, boiled, pan-fried, or deep-fried to your taste. The dumpling glows with its outer wrapping and has a reddish filling. This hot frozen dumpling is the best for those who love spicy foods and can heat up your tongue for a while. 

Beef and Vegetable Dumplings 

This dough wrapped flavorsome fried dumplings are sizzling and delicious with beef and vegetable fillings. It can be fried or steamed but the steamed dumplings are considered exquisite ones as it blends with the fillings. The Fried version is golden brownish, and fries the translucent wrapping and the fillings to slightly taste raw. This frozen appetizer is best when notched with some pepper.

Shrimp Shumai 

You might be familiar with this small and distinctively shaped steamed dumpling when you dined in any Chinese restaurant. This popular dumpling is really tasty, and the seafood inside the wrapping is somewhat briny with the firm flesh of shrimp. A top choice for those who love seafood and that fleshy smoothness of shrimp. 

Kimchi Mandu or Kimchi Dumplings 

The pink glowing slight edged Korean dumplings are a really delicious Korean recipe. A bite of this traditional dumpling includes cabbage as a filling topped with minced pork, or any meat according to your preference. This is also fried like potstickers and the smell of cabbage is totally absent. The bite is too obvious when tossed with soup. 

Spicy Pork bun 

Spicy pork bun is a variety of cha siu bao and these small round Chinese dumplings are easy to make in five minutes at your home with a spear at the top. This spicy dumplings with mushroom or sweet sauce is a super combination to gulp. 

These frozen dumplings are delicious with sauce and easy to make at home. Moreover, online frozen food delivery in Dubai saves your time and makes a treat for yourselves within minutes!