What to consider while accepting Frozen Food Deliveries

Published on: Aug 10, 2021

Food deliveries come in different forms. Whatever you receive should meet the standards thereby making it safe to use and sell. While accepting a food delivery, always make sure it is in acceptable condition and is stored correctly. Frozen foods are considered to be the safest form of food preservation. If not handled or stored properly by the frozen food companies it would lead to bad health for the consumers. So, it is necessary to follow the delivery procedures like checking temperatures and recording the delivery information.

Now let's look at what one has to consider while accepting online frozen food delivery in Dubai.

Freezing the food prevents the harmful growth of the bacteria. Once the frozen food starts to defrost, the bacteria start multiplying again. This leads to food poisoning to the customers. So, follow the below questions to assess whether you are happy with the delivery. Accept deliveries only if they meet your requirements. This would help you to reduce any form of ill health due to bad delivery.

The temperature at which frozen food must be delivered?

Quick-frozen food involves the process where the food is frozen to -18 °C. Thus resulting in the formation of many ice crystals in the product that preserves the quality. Other frozen food should be kept at -15°C. During a frozen food delivery, every time the door of the vehicle gets open and closed, thus there is a temperature leeway of 3°C. So the quick-frozen food would be acceptable at-15°C and other frozen food at -12°C.

At what temperature is the delivery?

One of the best methods to check the temperature of the goods being delivered is to use a thermocouple. It gives an accurate reading between the foodstuffs with no need to open up the packaging. Hence no contamination.

Should I record the delivery information?

While accepting a food delivery, it is always essential to keep a copy of the delivery receipt which includes all the information. Keep this information secure in a file, so that if any issue occurs related to food poisoning or contamination you could trace it back.

Is it necessary to check the packaging?

Packaging should never get damaged. If damaged, this indicates that the product inside would also be damaged and is unfit for consumption. You can immediately reject any form of damaged containers, blown cans, and torn packages.

Should I check the date label?

It is a good practice to check the best date before and the use date written on the receipt of the delivery. You have the right to reject any form of goods that are past the date.

How fast the frozen food should be stored after the delivery?

Take the frozen foods and then keep them in the freezer. When the frozen food starts defrosting, the bacteria start growing up between -5°C to -20°C. This causes serious health risks.

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