What Is The Difference Between Dimsums And Dumplings?

Published on: Sep 4, 2020

Dimsums and Dumplings are authentic Asian foods that are now gaining popularity all over the world. Dimsum is Chinese cuisine usually served as snacks while Dumpling is a name used for a broad range of dishes that are made of dough wrapped around fillings. Both of these could be had with tea, as the main meal or with main meals. Many people say that Dumplings are merely a type of Dimsum. Let us find out the main differences between these two dishes. 


Dumplings are hugely popular among food lovers. We could literally say Dumplings Dumplings, everywhere! Siopaos are one of the most popular kinds of dumplings, and you can buy siopao online as it is now a favorite among foodies all around the world. You get Pork Dumplings, Chicken Dumplings, Fish Dumplings, and even vegetable frozen dumplings. You can order siopao Filipino food online in ready to cook packets, and that could be steamed, boiled, deep-fried, or pan-fried. There are just so many varieties out there that you could try out. 

The interesting fact is that, as we mentioned before, Dumpling is an umbrella term for a small snack. Before you get overwhelmed about trying out a Dumpling, you should know that you probably could have eaten one already! Dumplings are just dough-based snacks that come with fillings, and sometimes without fillings - as simple as that. So, a Ravioli, Gnocchi, or even Samosa could be called a Dumpling. But, one should say that nothing will match the authenticity and flavors of the Filipino Dumpling. 

Dim sum 

Dim sum is basically a Cantonese style of steamed Dumpling that is prepared in small portions. Just like any other Dumpling, Dim sums comes in a variety of fillings and ingredients, from pork to chicken to fish and vegetables. In the Chinese lexicon, the word Dimsum literally translates into “touch the heart”. This may be because Dim sums are a favorite tea time dish in East Asian countries, especially China. As we saw, there are so many different types of Dimsums, and interestingly, it comes in sweet versions too, like frozen buchi online. Dimsums can be made with any sort of flour, be it wheat, rice, or even potato starch. Another specialty of Dimsums is that the outer coverings are semi or at times fully transparent. You can try out frozen dim sum online to save time. 

Just like Dumplings, anything that is rolled and has finely chopped fillings can be qualified as a Dimsum and even the popular spring rolls could be called a Dimsum. But all Dimsums cannot be called Dumpling. Quite complicated right?! Just try out this authentic food and figure it out yourself.