The complete guide to buying fresh Chinese Noodles

Published on: Jan 13, 2021

Noodles are the perfect tasty ready to cook food that gained popularity across the world. Whenever you speak about Chinese noodles, that delicious smell may come to you. There are a lot of noodle varieties available within Chinese cuisine, ranging from veg to non-veg noodles. Even the tastes vary relating to the combinations of sauce and ingredients, like rigatoni, udon, spaetzle, etc. 

China is believed to be the home of noodle varieties, and only a few countries succeeded to beat the culinary marvels of Chinese noodles. Here are a few noodle varieties for you to enjoy or to refer to buy fresh noodles online

Yao Mein 

Yao mein is fresh thin egg-and-wheat noodles with a distinct springiness that make them perfect for noodle lovers. Some Chinese restaurants make a variation on these noodles named jook-sing noodles. The cook kneads the dough by bounding it on a giant bamboo stalk. Its preparation is really nice to watch, to eat as well. Most of the online frozen food companies offer these noodles fresh or frozen. If you are buying it online, make sure that whatever you buy actually contains eggs. Some manufacturers fudge it a bit and include dye to give the noodles that yolky yellow shade, still healthy to consume. The best Chinese Yao mein can be served in hot soup or stir-fried in the sauce. 

Ho Fun 

Made wide and tapered, Ho fun noodles maximize their compatibility with sauces and gravies. Slightly slippery noodles are widely popular in many Asian cuisines, which are known as pad kee mao in Thailand and Vietnam as pho. This noodle variety is a stir-fried dish with soy sauce, beef, and bean sprouts. The expert brilliance is shown when effectively stir-frying these sticky noodles and massing them into a gummy clump. Try something special by adding some chicken BBQ to top this spicy noodle or marinated chicken dish for a perfect blend.

La Mian 

Who will refuse to have La Mian on a cool evening? One of the best Chinese noodles is nicely called La Mian, which is available in pre-cooked and deep-fried variation or instant ramen. Those who buy it online prefer ramen which makes your effort lesser. Traditionally, this noodle is prepared by a dough made from high-gluten flour twisted and stretched by hand. If you are trying these at restaurants, they will offer a choice between la mian and dao xiao mian for your soups. In Asian countries, these noodles are known as “Laghman.” The perfect combination would be a beef soup garnished with fresh aromatics. 

Mai Fun 

These Mai fun noodles are also known as “rice vermicelli,” with their round and thin shape which are perfect for stir-fries and salads. In the U.S, it is often called Singapore noodles. They are stir-fried with egg, shrimp, vegetables, and curry powder. You’ll also find these in several other cuisines, especially in fresh bun salads and a delicious soup called bun bo Hue. Here too chicken BBQ will be the best combination for night feasts, seasoned or marinated chicken with Mai Fun noodles will make your mouth watery. 

Eating is fun

at home. You can buy your favorite Chinese noodles online and get them delivered right at your doorstep. Most of the above-listed noodles are readily available online, and a convenient way to have a treat at home within no time.