Ready-To-Cook Filipino Food Packs That You Can Try For Dinner

Published on: Mar 1, 2021

Are you awake lately thinking of the whole day of work? Okay, then let us keep some ready-to-eat Filipino breakfast packs at home to save a lot of time. Filipino cuisine is the fusion of delicious and diverse flavors to discover. The variety of food mixes healthy and delicious ingredients. And now you don’t need to wander around the street restaurants. Get ready to cook food Filipino at your doorstep. It is most convenient and delightful to have tasty food at your home whenever you want. 

Cooking with convenience is trendy now. Here is the list of ready to cook food for breakfast. 

Lumpia or Filipino spring rolls 

We all love spring rolls and these crispy deep-fried treats are originally Chinese but brought to the Philippines. The Filipino spring roll is called lumpia and it is different from other Asian varieties. Lumpia is made with a very thin wrapper made from only flour, water, and salt. Traditional lumpia is much thinner and longer than other kinds of spring rolls. Though it varies in size the filling always contains minced meat and vegetables. The crispy delicious lumpia is usually served with a peanut or sweet and sour sauce on the side for dipping. These are easy to make and delicious to eat. 

Chicken Embutido 

This tasty Philippine meatloaf is commonly known as Embutido or Embudito. It is made with chicken and mostly stuffed with hard-boiled eggs and sliced ham or various Filipino sausages. Steamed or baked Chicken embutido is wrapped in aluminum foil served hot or chilled and normally prepared during special occasions. Use sweet sauce or banana ketchup with Embutido. 

Pancit palabok or noodles with shrimp gravy 

Thinking about buying fresh noodles online? Filipino noodles are the best choice if you love eating Filipino cuisine. Noodles in the Philippines are commonly called “pancit”. Pancit palabok or noodles with shrimp will be your favorite breakfast hereafter. It is made by pouring a creamy bright orange shrimp-based sauce over the noodles, then adding hard-boiled eggs, more shrimp, and mixing everything together. This delicious

dish is bursting with flavor and gets bright orange color from annatto powder in the shrimp sauce. You'll be able to try pancit palabok in Filipino restaurants or try it at your home with ready to cook noodles available online. 

Chicken adobo 

You would love to have chicken adobo before getting into work! It's also one of the best Filipino chicken dishes you can have in the morning and it is made with chicken that is braised in vinegar and then mixed with other herbs/spices. The Spanish were the ones 

who first “named” this dish and the Spanish verb “adobar” which means “to marinate. The meat is marinated with ingredients like garlic and onions. Also, they use soya sauce instead of salt and bay leaves and peppercorns added later to flavor it. 


Now, it’s time to taste something sweet. Turon is the sweet spring roll filled with banana, traditionally made with a type of plantain known as saba. The fruit is thinly sliced long ways and dusted with brown sugar, then wrapped up in a normal lumpia spring roll wrapper to be deep-fried in oil. This is a portable snack and you can even have at your workplace. There are turon varieties filled with mango, sweet potato, cheese, or coconut and always tastes sweet and delicious inside the crispy wrapping.