National Frozen Food Month

Published on: Mar 29, 2021

Frozen foods are delicious, nutritious, and time-saving. Compared to their fresh food counterparts, frozen foods are the ideal ones for those who want to have a healthy meal in a minimum time. Frozen food companies of all major countries have managed to satisfy the needs of their customers to a large extent. March is the favorite month for frozen food lovers all over the world. It is that time of the year people rejoice in the importance of frozen food in today’s busy world.

Mentioned below are some of the activities that can make your frozen food month an entertaining one.

Organize a get-together

Host a get-together where you can invite your near and dear friends and ask them to bring their own frozen food. Order Japanese frozen food online to add more flavor to your party. Make sure you enjoy yourself to the maximum without working on your meals. Frozen food month is the perfect time to explore your food options. Spend some quality time with your friends and make your life more enjoyable and relaxing.

The month with minimum cooking

Challenge yourself to do only the minimum cooking for one whole month. Ordering frozen dumplings online will add more variety to your platter with minimal effort. As frozen food can be stored for a large period of time, it can be eaten without any fuss anytime. They are also a time-tested way of satisfying your appetite. The ease of cooking frozen food will definitely pique everyone’s interest

Easy Choice

Who doesn't like to have nice yummy Sushi on their dinner table without going through all the hiccups of cooking? Sushi can be ordered and delivered in no time using frozen food delivery services. The world is increasingly becoming a global village and we all are exposed to multiple cuisines all the time. It is our nature to try and taste different palettes. There is no better way to that than ordering a good frozen Japanese meal and getting it delivered to your doorstep. The immense advantages like the variety, help in adhering to a diet, and storage make frozen food a preferred choice. So this month, take a break from those rough dinner cook time and enjoy the time with your loved ones or relax in your cozy places.

History of Frozen Food Month

Originally the slower process of freezing caused serious damages to the food. Ice crystals began to form in food and it badly affected the quality, flavor, and texture of these eatables. Clarence Frank Birdseye an American inventor, entrepreneur, and naturalist made a major breakthrough by developing a quick freezing process which also included specialized pre-packaging in his company. Heating frozen foods in the traditional oven was a time-consuming process and new faster, easier options were made available from 1940-the 50s. Percey Lebaron Spencer, an American physicist, and inventor discovered the microwave and later scientific concept was bought and patented by Raytheon for Spencer’s microwave cooking process. In 1950, Swanson Company became the first company to sell TV dinner which became the first frozen food dinner to be highly successful. Today organizations such as the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association celebrate March as National frozen food month to celebrate the benefits of frozen foods as a time-saving meal that brings families together.