Here Are Some Delicious Chinese & Filipino Food For Your Bucket List

Published on: Jan 13, 2021

Chinese and Filipino cuisine complement each other when it is all about dim sums and dumplings. You might have confused between these Chinese and Filipino varieties while buying frozen dim sum online

People have been sharing some Chinese dishes with Filipino cuisine on their table. This is embedded in their culture as there is a considerable influence of Chinese food in the Filipino tradition. Together with bihon, pancit, canton, they use siomai, siopao, and some other delicious and oriental flavors of Chinese foods to enjoy the age-old tradition of cultural amalgamation. Here are a few Chinese dim sums and frozen dumplings online specials for a feast at your home; 


Siopao literally means “steamed bun.” Siopao is brought to the Philippines by a Chinese entrepreneur along with siomai and Mami. It is a perfect treat on-the-go because it can be consumed as it is without using any utensils. This dim sum variety is best for those who want convenient cooking at home on a satisfying budget. 


Siomai is the traditional Chinese dumpling, which has made its way to the heart and tummy of food lovers across the world. Today every food stalls and restaurants in the nook and corner of the world serve this delicious dim sum delicacy. Chinese Dumplings make you feel your mouth watery with its intense aroma of mixed filling. Once you know how it tastes, you’ll fill your freezer with them and cook them all the time. 


Spring rolls are available with vegetable and meat filling inside. Lumpia is a Chinese spring roll variety. Identical in shape and size, lumpia always makes it to the Pinoy dining table. The meat-filled delicacy is an excellent starter for any occasion and serves it as a crispy snack.

Hong Shao Rou 

Pork is one of the favorite meat ingredients in most Chinese dishes. Hong Shao Rou is the classic Chinese pork dish that features a sticky-sweet and savory sauce. It is ideal for storing in your freezer as it is available as frozen online. Save it for another night or enjoy it now. 

Chicken and Broccoli 

Chicken and Broccoli is a must food for the feast at your home. It’s easier than ever to make your favorite Chinese takeout recipe and enjoy it with your friends. This is available in frozen form and what you have to do is to just defrost it and consume it. You will crave it if you try it together with the rich brown sauce. 

Dan Dan Noodles 

This is the iconic spicy Sichuan noodles flavored with chili sauce and slippery noodles. Dan Dan noodles are topped with savory spicy pork and finished with a sprinkle of peanuts. It looks fiercer with the signature slick of fiery red chili sauce on the surface. Buy one of the Sichuan Province’s most famous dishes at home to have a classic and authentic taste. 

You will love to try these flavorsome Chinese food varieties at your home. With its fondness of rich flavors, all these food items have their comforting taste, affordability, and cooking techniques. As it is available in frozen form it is easier for you to cook at your own home and have a delicious time with your family. Your passion for this scrumptious food will increase as time goes by