Filipino Dishes You Should Try Right Now

Published on: Jan 25, 2021

Filipino cuisine has a splendid range of delicious dishes. You might have noticed that every nook and corner of the major cities have a Filipino restaurant to offer their super tasty food items. The style of the food and its making has evolved over several centuries and now they mix Chinese, Spanish, and Indian cuisine to make their style. 

The meat and flavor enriched Filipino dishes have indigenous ingredients that represent their culinary marvel. Filipino cuisine is multifaceted and widely shaped by individual traditions and customs. They often use a variety of fruits and vegetables in their cooking, mainly green leafy vegetables and meat dishes include chicken, beef, pork, fish, and other seafood. 

Here are some delicious Filipino dishes to try at home with frozen ready to cook food Filipino

1. Lumpiang Shanghai 

Lumpiang Shanghai is one of the most delicious Filipino deep-fried appetizers consisting of a mixture of giniling wrapped in a thin egg crêpe to crack bite it. There are a lot of lumpia variants available in Filipino cuisine and lumpia shanghai is regarded as the basic type of lumpia in Filipino cuisine that is usually seen smaller and thinner. 

2. Chicken Embutido 

Either Embutido or Embudito is a tasty Philippine meatloaf. It is made with chicken and mostly stuffed with hard-boiled eggs and sliced ham or various Filipino sausages. You will get it wrapped in aluminum foil after it is steamed or baked. It is commonly prepared during special occasions and can be served hot or chilled. Embudito is usually dipped in sweet sauce or banana ketchup. 

3.Beef Longanisa 

Philipines version of the beef sausage called longaniza which is so yummy to be used as an appetizer. The taste varies from sweet to garlicky to spicy, you can choose your favorite flavor when you order it. Most of the food providers offer longaniza as ready to cook food and it’s easy for you to cook it.

4. Beef Tapa 

Beef Tapa is dried cured beef, traditionally prepared by curing the meat with sea salt and drying directly under the sun. It is done to preserve the natural quality and essence of the meat. Now, commercialized Beef Tapa is often cured but most do not undergo drying while fried and served with vinegar. 

5. Adobo 

Adobo is a ubiquitous Filipino dish that has a Mexican origin, but Filipinos found that cooking meat- chicken in vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce, and other spices. This was a practical way to preserve it without refrigeration. 

6. Inihaw Na Manok ( Chicken Barbeque) 

Inihaw Na Manok is a Barbequed chicken skewer or Filipino-style barbecue made with chicken. Salty and sour marinated dark thigh chicken meat is stuffed with herbs and spices, loaded with garlic is roasted to get a slice of juicy flavorsome meat inside and crackling skin outside. 

7. Relyenong Alimango 

For preparing Rellenong Alimango, the crab is delicately peeled then sauteed with onions, tomatoes, herbs, and stuffed back into the crab shell, then deep-fried. Chicken is also used for this. 

8. Fish Tinola 

The sour broth is flavored with onions, tomatoes, and cooked over coco-lumber firewood for hours to make delicious fish Tinola. 

9. Beef Bulgogi 

Beef Bulgogi is one of the Filipino favorites Korean dishes. It means “ Fire Meat” which is made of thin slices of beef and grilled on a stove-top griddle. This is one of the best Filipino spicy dishes you can eat. You will find a blast inside your mouth when you bite it, as the meat is tender and juicy. Never miss to try this tantalizingly delicious dish.