Best Filipino Frozen Food You Must Try During The Quarantine

Published on: Sep 4, 2020

It is quarantine time and the foodie in you might be sitting back thinking about what cuisine to try next? We are here with some suggestions for you. According to many food hunters, Filipino food has found a lot of takers lately. Firstly, Filipino food draws inspiration from different international cuisines, and thus, it is most likely to suit everyone’s palette. Moreover, the cuisine is a mix of inherently unique Pinoy flavors and cooking techniques that have evolved through the decades. It’s not a surprise that Filipino food is now popular worldwide. You would like to try out some Filipino, don’t you? If so, there is a piece of good news for you! We are now offering ready to cook food Filipino to save your time and efforts while trying out this wonderful cuisine. Here are some of the best filipino frozen foods you must try during the quarantine. 


Siomai, also known as pork dumplings is basically a Chinese dish that is now popular in the Philippines. Siomai has a unique taste, and it is easy to make. Therefore, it has gained huge popularity in the country. Siomai comes in a lot of variations that you can easily prepare. For instance, you could choose fish, chicken, beef, or any meat according to your preference to make Siomai. 


Siopao is a traditional Philippine dish that literally translates into “hot bun”. It is a popular snack sold in most bakeries and eateries around Asian countries, especially China and the Philippines. The snack generally comes with different varieties based on the fillings. Usually, the filling is pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, duck egg, etc. 

Chicken Momos 

Chicken Momos, also known as Dim sums or Chicken Dumplings are a kind of tasty dumplings, a traditional dish of the Philippines. It is popular among almost all the Asian countries as hot-selling street food. Momos are usually steamed or deep-fried and are served with sauce. This delicious food is quite filling and is healthy too. Momos are also available in vegetarian fillings. 

Beef Bulgogi 

Bulgogi literally translates to “fire meat”. It is a roasted or grilled dish popular in many Asian countries. Bulgogi is made of thin marinated slices of meat that are grilled on a barbecue. During home cooking, it can be made with a stovetop girdle, or you may even use a pan to stir fry it. It is found everywhere from top-class restaurants to local supermarkets as ready to cook packets. 

What Do We Offer? 

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