Best 5 Dumplings & Dim Sums To Try At Your Home 

Published on: Jan 25, 2021

Dumplings or Dim sums are there in everyone’s favorite food list. They come in all shapes and sizes with delicious filling varieties. Though you get these tiny potstickers all around the corner, making them at your home for your dear and near ones or even for yourself is a different feeling. 

Unlike before, enjoying dumpling recipes is easier with ready to cook frozen food delivery to your home. Dumpling or dim sum recipes are versatile as they come with a wide array of vegetable, meat, and seafood filling to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you steam it or fry it, conveniently order your frozen dim sum online and enjoy your cooking time at home. 

Here are the best 5 dumplings & dim sums to try at your home. 

Asado Siopao 

Siopao is steamed hot buns that are a great choice for dumpling lovers across the world. These are fluffy buns with savory meat filling and egg. If you love eating steamed buns, then Asado Siopaos is the perfect meal for any time. These hot buns are filled with tender meat and then steamed to cook. It’s the perfect snack or appetizer for your meal at any time. 

Vegetable Gyoza 

Vegetable Gyoza or crispy pan-fried Vegan Gyoza are Japanese Vegetable Dumplings. These veggie dumplings are also called Potstickers. They're made with simple and translucent dumpling wrappers that are made of wheat dough and then filled with healthy veggies and steamed until tender - best snack for your tea time. Most of the frozen food companies deliver ready to cook vegetable Gyoza to your home. 

Seafood Money Bag 

As the name suggests these juicy minced meat and shrimp are wrapped in wonton wrappers to resemble ancient Chinese tiny money bags. The filling includes shrimp, spring roll pastry (wheat flour, water, salt, oil), squid, modified tapioca starch, sesame oil, sugar, flavors, and white pepper. These savory meat dumplings are shaped to resemble the money bag that ancient Chinese people used to store their money, gold,

and silver. You should steam use this little for a healthier version than fry eating it. If you prefer a crispy and fried seafood money bag, then fry them over medium heat. Make sure you fry them in an upright position to cook meat well and don’t get it to burn badly. 

Beef Siomai or Steamed Beef Dumpling 

Beef Siomai is a Filipino style dim sum. It is considered a popular street food snack that is served with chili garlic oil or soy sauce. Siomai is a tasty dim sum dish that consists of tender beef, carrots, dried mushrooms, green onions, Chinese wine, salt, pepper, and sesame oil. Egg and corn starch is used in the siomai to bind the mixture together. It is then wrapped in wonton wrappers and steamed. 

Chicken Momos 

Chicken Momos are delicious and one of the most commonly available dim sums. It is filled with juicy minced chicken. The chicken mince is flavored with soy sauce, chilies, and pepper and stuffed inside a thin flour dough for steaming. As this is a steamed dim sum, it is healthier with high proteins and the taste of tender chicken will persuade you to eat it more. Try these delicious and flavorsome chicken momos with chili garlic sauce or peanut chili dipping sauce for the best taste experience.