8 Interesting Things About Filipino Food in Dubai

Published on: Jun 16, 2021

Filipino food is now becoming more popular worldwide. In Dubai, we can see people trying out different Filipino dishes. Now, you might be thinking why people are so crazy about these dishes? This is because; Filipino food is a mix of Western and Asian influences transformed through cooking techniques. To be clearer, let's look at the interesting things which make Filipino food more popular in Dubai.

● No shortage of flavor

Being marinated with all sorts of spices for long hours, Filipino dishes are infused with more flavors. This makes your taste buds tingling and they are always better with rice.

● Each of the dishes has a different story to tell

Filipino cuisine is influenced by different cultures. From the Chinese came the popular lomi noodles and egg noodles, and from the Americans came hamburgers. These hybrid forms of ready to cook food have been widely used in the Filipino kitchen and they tell the past story of the country.

● Variety of dishes

There are many varieties of Filipino foods which you can try out. Some of them are Siomai, Siopao, Chicken Momos, Beef bulgogi, noodle varieties, and much more. Each of them is ready to cook food Filipino. All these varieties are easily available in Dubai.

● Duck embryos, Balut a special variety

Balut is a developing bird embryo boiled and used with rock salt or vinegar. It is pleasant and tasty when eaten with balut. You can try this dish in Dubai too with the special taste and flavors.

● Different types of desserts

Desserts themselves could make out a meal itself. Some of the desserts common in Dubai are Buchi lotus cream, Ube Pao, Ensemada Ube, Spanish roll, Choco German, and much more. People in Dubai visit restaurants to try out these desserts or order online.

● Street food is available

We could see Dubai vendors selling out Filipino food today. Nowadays,people are showing more interest in these vendors. This is because they get instant cooked varieties at a fair price.

● Recipes from every part of the animal

Even the head or tail of everything could be made into a Filipino dish. In Dubai also, restaurants come up with these dishes. They are found to be tasty and healthy to the body.

● Use seasonings with Filipino foods

It is common to use seasonings with Filipino foods and noodle varieties. Some commonly used seasonings are sawsawan, chilimansi, spicy vinegar, toyomansi and more. These give an extra punch to the Filipino food.

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